Indian Lake Golf Course is located 10 minutes from Halifax and offers the opportunity to play either 9 or 18 holes. With our gently rolling fairways, undulating greens and well groomed landscape, the course offers both a scenic and challenging experience for all golfers.

Score Cards

Local rules, etiquette and rating system!

Always remember to respect the policies of the course you are playing and check dress codes for the course you are visiting. Be kind and remember to follow the basic golf etiquette . You will usually find all of this information on the score card of the course that you are visiting. Please click through to see Indian Lake Golf Courses etiquette and code of conduct.

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Indian Lake Golf Course

Simple Stretch Techniques
Game without Pain

Click here for a list of stretching instructions to ensure you have a great game!

  1. Side bending stretching
  2. Quadriceps stretch
  3. Hamstring stretch
  4. Knee to chest stretch
  5. Forearm Stretch
  6. Shoulder Stretch



Located only 10 minutes from Halifax, Indian Lake Golf Course offers the opportunity to play either 9 or 18 holes. Our gently rolling fairways, undulating greens and well groomed fairways offers both a scenic and challenging experience for all




After the round, unwind in our rustic clubhouse and its one of a kind covered patio. Take time to sample our delicious menu and take in the breathtaking stunning sunsets that fall on Big Indian Lake.

We still play on rainy days

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95 % percentage of Golfers Shoot over an 80


84% of golfers are public players (non-club)


The occasional golfers who represent the growth opportunity for golf in Canada account for 74% of the effective population


85% of golfers are right handed


We stay open until mid November,

unless mother nature says otherwise

Rain or shine, we still have a good time. Here at Indian Lake Golf Course, we don’t take any day for granted.

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